Essay and Photographs: Seoul, South Korea

A person who doesn’t appreciate the apple will never replant the seeds of its core.

The best way I can describe my experience with Seoul is simple: a delicate place.
These photos are from a few of those warm autumn days when the worst of the summer heat is over and you still don't need a jacket. It was already October and tree leaves were only on the cusp of change, which gave the city an enduring-green feeling. I wondered what it would look like a month later.

Hidden between cafes and bookstores are tourist dress shops where one can rent the traditional hanbok. I was struck by the fragility the girls carried as they strolled through the hanoks dressed in the traditional way posing for photos. In a more obvious sense, they represented a meeting of the old life and the new. Unafraid to adorn the big skirts seemed to me like an impressive willingness to take up space, usually a social sin in big cities, along the busy sidewalks.